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Rotisserie Kit BBQ Box for Whole Pigs Aluminium Pig Roasting Cajun Microwave 70 Lbs pig roasting box La Caja China small roasting box
SP-300DP Silver 100 lbs "Free Shipping"
List Price: $1,500.00
Our Price: $1,299.00

SP-150-DP Black 100 lbs "Free Shipping"
List Price: $1,000.00
Our Price: $899.99
Roaster Model #3 18 Lbs "Free Shipping""
List Price: $319.99
Our Price: $299.99


La Caja China Pig Roasting Box

At La Caja China, we believe barbequing is a work of art meant to be shared with friends and family. However, we know many people donít have the time to truly enjoy barbequing because of all the work required to cook meat with traditional grills and rotisseries. With the La Caja China roasting box, the work and time required to grill meat is cut in half. Our China box roasters can cook up to 100 pounds of meat in four hours, meaning you can prepare more food in less time. The BBQ box, known as a Cajun microwave in some areas, requires little supervision because it builds up and maintains an even heat fast and effortlessly.

Our La Caja China pig cookers and grills are perfect for personal and business use and have been used by master chefs, including Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart. No pig roaster will get your skin as crispy or meat as juicy as our China box. La Caja China is also portable, allowing for seamless transportation between events for caterers. Our family designed La Caja China in order to give everyone the best possible BBQ experience, regardless of their budget. We know a La Caja China will help you in your backyard, at your event or business, and leave you and your friends with a full stomach and a smile.

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