Get Your Hog Roast Menu Ready

227325-10150194953767863-519572862-6823156-6151284-n.jpgRoasting is a form of cooking that focuses on slow, dry, even heat to cook food, and usually involves some fat being added. Roasting is popular for many reasons. One is that you don't have to spend a lot of time on checking it. You can start the food and forget it, only checking on it only occasionally. There are many tools and ways to roast food. But, there is one new product that has cooks and foodies alike excited. It's called La Caja China. If you are planning a BBQ Menu themed cookout, this new roasting box can be a real bonus.

Your Hog Roast BBQ Menu

One staple of any BBQ Menu is pork. Hog roast, either as a whole pig, or in parts, is a tradition in many cultures. In Hawaii, pits were dug, lined with rocks, covered by ti leaves, and coals piled on top. But, not everyone can dig a pit in their backyard and cook a whole pig for a day or more. That is where a La Caja China comes in handy. It is large enough to hold a whole pig, but small enough that you can easily store it when you aren't using it.

Hog Roasting

To roast your whole pig, you first prepare it by cleaning it, and then you add any spices, seasonings, and additional flavors that you want to have. There are many spice blends that you can buy, or you can pick and choose from your favorite spices.

Once you have prepared your hog, you are ready to set up your La Caja China. You put in the pig, set on the lid, and then put the coals on top. The long, slow, even, dry heat put on top of the lid allows the pork to roast to perfection. You can cook other things on your BBQ Menu using this roaster too.

Pig Roast in La Caja China

You can put veggies into a rotisserie and roast them over the coals as your pig roasts. You can set up a big party for all your friends with a BBQ Menu, invite all your friends, and roast a whole pig in your new La Caja China.

So, prepare your ingredients and make your hog roast ready with La Caja China roasting box!