Hog Roaster Ideas, Menu and More

Are you looking for the right time to use your La Caja China hog roaster? Have you been hesitant because you lack ideas for the menu and preparation? Pig roasting has been a traditional dish served in various countries like Hawaii, the Philippines, and Cuba.

Hog Roaster

Because of this, there are various traditional methods to dress and spice your pig, each providing a distinct cooking style and flavor. Cooking options should be thoroughly researched before attempting a pig roast of your own, and having a reliable pig roaster like La Caja China with you can be a huge help!


For you not to be entirely clueless, here is the rough guide of each pig serving using your pig roaster:

A 75 lb pig should equate to 30 lb of cooked pork for serving

A 100 lb pig should equate to 40 lb of cooked pork for serving

A 125 lb pig should equate to 50 lbs of cooked pork for serving

A good estimate for a serving is 1.5 lb of meat per person.

Now that you have an idea on the serving of a whole roast pig, let us help you plan your menu. Your pig roast may be your main attraction, but no meal is complete with just one dish! Be sure to include a variety of sides and drinks for your guests to choose from, and do not forget to have enough to go around.

Season Your Pig Before Roasting

If you are confused on what to season your pig before you place it on the pig roaster, consider what theme you would like for your gathering. If you decide on a Cuban theme, try marinating your pig in a tangy mojo, then cook until it is crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside.

For your side dishes, you may consider preparing Black beans and rice, also called Moros y Cristianos. Others prefer serving it with White Rice, also called Arroz Blanco. These are the logical accompaniments to this hearty pork roast. If you want some vegetables on the side, you can also serve your roast pig with a salad of orange slices, red onion and arugula dressed with a tangy cilantro vinaigrette.

Another option is the mixed green leaf salad. This combines salad leaves like Romaine or iceberg letuce with different herbs to deliver a tasty yet low calorie combination. If you are not a fan of herbs, you can also go for the Traditional coleslaw. It is a common side dish which goes well with most barbecue dishes. It is made with carrots, crunchy cabbage and sweet yogurt or mayonnaise.


If you opt for heavier side dishes, you can try serving your pig with potato side dishes like Minted potatoes. You can just bake them and apply some mint paste or minced mint on top. If you prefer simpler recipes, you can opt for classic baked potatoes. Simply bake the potatoes and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it. If you take the smaller potatoes they look fancy too and you are saved the effort of cutting them.

Roasted Pig with Drinks

You can serve your whole roasted pig with cocktails like Sour Cherry Yuzu Bellinis, or Kumquat Mojitos. Others prefer soda, while most like beer. If you would like to have a Cuban themed pig roaster event, try serving Cuban cider as your beverage. It is really up to you.

Roast the whole pig on your La Caja China hog roaster and prepare the menu for the day. Serve it along with cold beverages and some music. Enjoy this time and this gathering with your friends.

Roast a whole pig with our La Caja China pig roaster for your gatherings and celebration!