The Secret to a Great BBQ Ribs Recipe

When it comes to good meals, there's few things that can beat something home cooked. Restaurants can come close, but there's just something about home cooking, a little something extra that restaurant and fast food meals just can't offer. Some call it love - either love of cooking, love for those the food is being prepared for, or just love for life.
The Question is:

"How do I BBQ Ribs"?

Out of all the good home cooked meals out there, one of the very best is  Barbecued Ribs.  But, the question remains, "How do I BBQ ribs ?". Slow cooked, dripping with sweet and tangy sauce, tender and falling off the bone. There are plenty of BBQ ribs recipes out there, some you've probably even created yourself! Lots of them are amazing, and which one you choose on any given night is up to you and the crowd you are cooking for. But there are some things that every truly great BBQ ribs recipe has in common.

36788-142968282404680-100000745280130-251028-5156245-n.jpgFirst thing first is that all of them give the meat the proper respect. Great ribs can only happen when the meat is taken care of properly, and cooked to perfection. Even a great sauce can't hide tough, overcooked ribs! So be sure to slow cook your ribs for about six hours before you even start grilling them. The best way to do this is in a good quality roaster like those made by La Caja China.

The other thing all great recipes have in common is a good sauce, and limited grilling time. You'll only need to grill the ribs for about ten minutes, but you'll baste the sauce on a few times, to caramelize and hold the meat together. Three coats of sauce is about perfect for any BBQ ribs recipe. And the perfect sauce? Well, that depends on your taste! Sweet, spicy, both? It's all up to you.


And of course, one final tip of advice. Even the best BBQ ribs recipe won't be perfect without good grilling and slow roasting equipment. So if you can, use a high quality roasting box like those made by La Caja China. And if you're stuck for sauce recipes and want to try something new, give their marinating sauces a try. They are pretty darn amazing!

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