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  • Package Deals

    BBQ & Pig Roast Package Deals

    Sometimes itís difficult to find everything you need to prepare a delicious rotisserie meal in one place. With our grilling and rotisserie package deals, youíll never run into that problem. For the beginner, we have starter kits at a variety of levels. If your grill skills are more advanced, our add-on packages will take your cooking to the next level. We even offer smokers for those looking to add a distinct smoky flavor to whatever they decide to cook.

    With a grilling rotisserie kit, you can cook other cuts of meat over the top coals while your whole pig roasts inside the Cajun microwave. We offer the best product for the best price at La Caja China, so you can be sure that youíre getting the most bang for your buck. Made in the U.S.A. with quality materials and care, whatís not to love? Shop our selection of barbecue accessories and package deals today!

  • Mojo & Spices

    Authentic Cuban Adobo Criollo Spices

    Enjoy the savory, authentic flavors of Cuban cuisine when you add La Caja Chinaís spices to your next pig roast. These spices are so flavorful, youíll swear youíre in Cuba! This spice recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, blending a mixture of classic Cuban flavors to create the famous mouth-watering taste that everyone knows and loves. While it might be tempting to grab spices from your local supermarket, you wonít get the same authentic taste that you would when you buy our authentic pig roast spices.

    When itís time to cook, simply rub the spices over the pig. While we recommend letting it soak in the meat overnight, you should at least let it sit for an hour. Then, put it in the roaster and let it cook! When itís time to take it out, your roast will have a bursting flavor and aroma that will fill up your whole kitchen. While pork is our most common use for these spices, it also goes great with chicken and beef.

    Shop with La Caja China today, where youíll find the most authentic Cuban flavors around. If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-338-1323!

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