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Roasting Box Supplies & Accessories

Inspired by authentic Cuban cuisine and roasting techniques my father told stories of, our team has been perfecting our La Caja China roasting box since the late 80s. Our goal has always been to create a method for roasting deliciously savory meats in a more seamless manner than other traditional roasting methods. Once we developed our first prototype, we knew we were on to something. We have been shipping our Chinese smoker ovens all over the world ever since.

What makes our La Caja China products really shine is our impressive selection of hog roast accessories. We offer every piece, part, spice, and tool you can imagine; everything you can possibly need to make a delicious meal conveniently in one place.


Our extensive list of La Caja China accessories includes items that will make your roasting experience so much for fluid and successful. With over thirty individual accessories to choose from, including spit roast accessories, you will find various items for every step of the roasting process. This includes the following accessories, just to name a few: an ash disposal system, a sizeable marinating syringe, four-prong spit forks (in sets of two), and our handy drip mat, which makes cleaning up messes so much easier. You will also find a few cook books that many customers have found extremely useful when exploring new flavors and techniques.

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Package Deals

Package deals says it all. We take the guessing out the game for you by putting together comprehensive kits that contain accessories and tools that work hand in hand to create a delicious roast. Avoid problems altogether, including those moments where you go, ďDarn! Iím missing that one part!Ē, which ultimately stalls your entire process. We have starter kits for beginners, add-on packages for those who are ready to expand their roasting skills, and more.

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Mojo and Spices

Ditch the grocery-store bought spices, and check out our distinctive selection of Mojo and spices. At La Caja China, we promise the most authentic Cuban flavors around by offering spices and rubs that will take your pig roast to the next level. Our genuine flavor combinations have been passed down through generations, so you can rest assured that they deliver the Cuban meal experience you are aiming for.

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Please make sure to check out all of our resources to learn more information about each accessory we provide. If you still havenít made the leap to purchase a pig roasting box from La Caja China, that is definitely the first step. You can learn more about our origins and techniqueshere, and check out our pig roasters for sale here. Please feel free to also contact us at your convenience for more useful tips and suggestions by calling 1-800-338-1323. We are happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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