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Cooking Instructions

At La Caja China, we take the roasting of meats to heart. Having been perfecting our roasting box techniques since the late 80s, we have spent countless hours developing helpful pig roaster cooking instructions and resources for our customers. Inspired by Cuban cuisine and roasting techniques, our goal is to help you create deliciously savory roasts like a pro.

Our following list of La Caja China cooking instructions covers various meats and offers relevant cooking resources that will guide you through the utilization of our innovative take on the Chinese smoker oven. Make sure you click on each resource to learn how to prepare and cook each kind of meat successfully using our hog roasters.

General Resources

Meat Cut Charts: These detailed worksheets breakdown butcher cuts for various meats in an easy to comprehend design. Download your sheets from here .

Cookbook 1: Explore countless delicious recipes including innovative marinades and unique flavors.


Pig: Size (80 lbs) Estimated Cooking Time (4 hours)

· The Whole Pig Workshee t walks you through a step by step process for cooking a delicious pig to your crispiness-liking.

· Learn a different pig roasting method using the Whole Pig with a Wired Thermometer Worksheet.

· Not a fan of pig skin, use the Whole Pig without Skin Worksheet .

Turkey: Count (6) Estimated Cooking Time (3.5 hours)

· Use the Turkey Worksheet to make several delicious turkeys covered in La Caja China Mojo Criollo.

· Turkey Worksheet for box model #3

Lamb: Size (80 lbs) Estimated Cooking Time (3 hours)

· Access two lamb recipes in one, including the basic Lamb Roast Worksheet and Robert Guerra’s Lamb Roast Recipe.

· Lamb Roast Worksheet for box model #3

Ribs: Count (6 racks) Estimated Cooking Time (2 hours)

· Whether you want it medium or well done, the Delicious Ribs Worksheet will teach you how it’s done.

· Ribs Worksheet for box model #3

Pork Shoulder: Count (10) Estimated Cooking Time (4 hours)

· Pork Shoulder Worksheet

· Pork Shoulder/Ham Worksheet for box model #3

Additional Resources

Although we don’t currently have instructions for chicken and goat, it is helpful to know the following cooking time estimates:

· Goat: Size (60 lbs) Estimated Cooking Time (3 hours)

· Chicken: Count (18) Estimated Cooking Time (2 hours)

Additional worksheets include:

Make note that these are only guidelines and not hard rules. You may find that cooking times vary depending on several factors including altitude.

We hope you enjoy many fantastic dishes using our smoker cooking instructions! If you don’t own a La Caja China roaster, take a look at our selection of pig roasters for sale to place your order, or check out our story to hear more about how we came to develop our award-winning roaster.