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Commercial Pig Roaster

A La Caja China roasting box is the perfect solution for businesses that wish to offer succulent BBQ without the wait. Instead of tying up multiple ovens for hours and hours on end, a commercial Cajun microwave from La Caja China can cook up to 100 pounds of meat in four hours! Thanks to this enormous capacity, restaurants, hotels, caterers and other businesses can make more food in less space and in less time.

The high-capacity Cajun microwave also allows chefs to cook varying types of food at once. If the cooking times are the same, then chefs can use the same catering Cajun microwave to prepare different meats such as duck, lamb, ribs, whole chickens and more! The versatility of the restaurant BBQ box will give businesses the freedom to design a BBQ menu that will meet their customers’ tastes.

With this catering pig roaster, there’s no need to continuously check on the meat. The roasting box creates even heat in record time, giving chefs and caterers the flexibility to focus on the rest of the food preparations while the La Caja China box does its job.

Come discover what top chefs like Bobby Flay and Martha Stewart already know, and bring your take on the backyard BBQ to your customer! La Caja China offers restaurants, caterers and other commercial hospitality venues the chance to create a variety of delectable dishes, in less time, with less work.