Meat Cut Charts

cuts of pork worksheet diagram cuts of beef worksheet
primal pork cuts
pork carcass diagram
pork meat cuts
primal beef cuts
primal lamb cuts
retail beef cuts
Use our handy meat cut chart worksheets to learn the various butcher cuts for pork, beef and lamb. The downloadable meat worksheets help to familiarize yourself with the different cuts of meats after the roast is compete. They will ensure you are taking the pig apart correctly and allow for delicious leftover meals!

The question we always get is... "So what can you cook with this roasting box?"

80 lbs. Pig 4 hours
6 Turkeys 3.5 hours
60 lbs. Goat 3 hours
18 Chickens 2 hours
80 lbs. Lamb 3 hours
6 Racks of Ribs 2 hours
10 Pork Shoulders 4 hours

Great also for: Fish / Lobster / Brisket / Roast Beef