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LCC-P109   4 Wheels Set with bolts and nuts included.Model 1, 2 & 3
LCC-A100   Adobo Criollo 12 oz Authentic Cuban Style
LCC-A116   Adobo Criollo 28 oz Authentic Cuban Style
LCC-A123   Ash Disposal System
LCC-A141   Bear Paws " Black"
LCC-A222   Bottle Opener
LCC-P110   Bottom for Model 1 & 2
LCC-P106   Box Handles Model 1 and 2
LCC-A200   Caja China Electric Pellet Smoker
LCC-P100   Charcoal Grid Model #1 & #2
LCC-P117   Charcoal Grid Model #3
LCC-P102   Double Rack set ( includes 4 s-hooks)
LCC-P121   Drip Tray Stainless Steel and Pan Grate for Model #3
LCC-P118   Drip Tray Stainless Steel for Model #3
LCC-A219   Dual Sensor Meat Thermometer
LCC-P104   End Panel for Model #1
LCC-A999   Gift Certificate
LCC-A104   Gloves, Heavy Duty Caja China
LCC-P120   Grate Pan for Serving Tray Model #3
LCC-P101   Grease Tray Model 1 & 2
LCC-P122   Handle, Long fro the Charcoal Tray and Charcoal Grid. Model #1, #2 & #3
LCC-P123   Handle, Small for the Drip Tray. Model #1 & #2
LCC-A145   La Caja China Cooking
LCC-G101   La Caja China Large BBQ Pit Portable Pig Roaster Model #2
LCC-G106   La Caja China Medium BBQ Pit Portable Pig Roaster 40 LBS
LCC-A148   La Caja China Party Cook Book
LCC-A220   La Caja China® Original Thermometer
LCC-A146   La Caja China® World Cook Book
LCC-P105   Long Aluminum Frame Model #1 & #2 (1)
LCC-P103   Long Side Panel for Model #1
LCC-P111   Long Side Panel for Model 2
LCC-A139   Mac Daddy Injector 50cc
LCC-A120   Marinade Injecting Needle 3 3/4"
LCC-P114   Marinating Syringe
LCC-A126   Meat Injector Pro-2 50cc
LCC-S1856   Meat Smokers Delight Package # 1856
LCC-A519   Mojo - Cuban Style Marinating Sauce - 128 oz (1 Gallon)
LCC-A105   Over Size Grill, 21" x 40"
LCC-PIG   P.I.G. Pork Injector Gun
LCC-S1863   Package 1863
LCC-A103   Premium Cover for La Caja China®
LCC-S1877   Pro Injector, Mojo and Adobo Set
LCC-A118   Pro-Meat Injector 50 cc.
LCC-P116   Roaster Handles Model #3
LCC-G100   Roaster Model #1 70 lbs
LCC-G104   Roaster Model #4 200 lbs
LCC-A233   Roasting Apron, Black
LCC-A107   Rotisserie Grilling Basket
LCC-A102   Rotisserie Kit
LCC-S1859   Rotisserie Kit and Top Grill #1859
LCC-S1861   Rotisserie Kit, Top Grill and Basket
LCC-P119   S Hooks Set (4)
LCC-A221   Serving Tray 18" x 26"
LCC-P113   Short Aluminum Frame for Model 3
LCC-P115   Short Aluminum Frame Model 1 and 2
LCC-P112   Short Side Panel for Model 2
LCC-G151   SP-150-DP Black 100 lbs
LCC-G150   SP-150DP Silver 100 lbs
LCC-G301   SP-300DP Black 100 lbs
LCC-G302   SP-300DP Red 100 lb
LCC-G300   SP-300DP Silver 100 lbs
LCC-S1855   Starter Basic Package #1855
test3   Test3
LCC-A147   The Drip Mat
LCC-S1864   The Large Party Maker Package #1864
LCC-A129   The MagneFuse Magnetic Ez-On, Ez-Off Glove - Black
LCC-A128   The MagneFuse Magnetic Ez-On, Ez-Off Glove - Blue
LCC-A127   The MagneFuse Magnetic Ez-On, Ez-Off Glove - Green
LCC-A130   The MagneFuse Magnetic Ez-On, Ez-Off Glove - Orange
LCC-A131   The MagneFuse Magnetic Ez-On, Ez-Off Glove - Pink
LCC-P108   Top Ash Tray LCC 1 & 2
LCC-P107   Top Ash Tray LCC#3
LCC-A122   Top Grill for Caja China Model #3 Only
LCC-A119   Top Grill Large for Model #1, #2 & SP-Series
LCC-S100   TOP GRILL SET OF 2 Model 1 & 2
Volusion-Test-1   Volusion Test Item
LCC-A124   Wind Deflector Model 1 & 2
LCC-A106   Wired Meat Thermometer
LCC-A201   Wood Pellets Cartridges for Smoke Pistol

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