Lamb Roast Worksheet

1. Place Lamb between the racks and tie using the 4 S-Hooks.

2. Place Lamb inside the box Ribs side down, connect the wired thermometer probe on the leg, be careful not to touch the bone.

3. Cover box with the ash pan and charcoal grid.

4. Add 16 lbs. of charcoal for Model #1 Box or 18lbs. for Model #2 Box and light up.

5. Once lit (20-25 minutes) spread the charcoal evenly over the charcoal grid.

6. Cooking time starts right now _________________ (write down)

7. After 1 hour (1st hour) open the box flip the Lamb over (ribs up) close the box and add 9 lbs. of charcoal.

8. After 1 hour (2nd hour) add 9 lbs. of charcoal.

9. Do not add any more charcoal; continue cooking the meat until you reach the desired temperature reading on the thermometer.

Fresh Lamb: Rare 140, Medium Rare 145, Medium 160, Well Done 170


Roberto Guerra's Lamb Roast Recipe

(48lb Lamb on the SP-300)

1. Mix some olive oil and salt and rub the back of the lamb (this is to help searing the meat to contain the juices) do this before placing the lamb in the box.

2. Add one gallon of water, 2 cups of white wine and whatever spices you use to marinade the lamb in to the drip tray.

3. Place the lamb ribs down inside the box. S

4. Start with 16 lbs of charcoal, make sure to make two piles (one on each end) once lit spread evenly, roast for one hour, you will now open the box flip it over and connect the probe of the wired meat thermometer in to the rear leg (make sure is on the center not touching the bone) close the box and add 7 – 8 lbs of charcoal every hour until you reach your desired temperature.

5. It should take you 2.5 to 3 hours, it depends on the temperature of the meat before you start cooking, the colder the longer it takes to roast.

Here are the temperatures for lamb; Well Done 170, Medium 160, Medium Rare 145, Rare 140

6. After the lamb is cooked, remove the drippings from the drip tray and mix it with some wine in a pot and reduced a bit to create the best sauce you have ever tasted.

Rub down

Lamb Spice Rub Down


lamb cooking instructions

Lamb & 35 lb Pig

Roasted Bones Down

finished lamb roast

Finished Bones Up

complete lamb roast